This website shares theory, practice, opinions and resources for planning, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), training and capacity development, and related topics. Opinions are my own and do not reflect the views of any of my past, present or future employers.

I am a dedicated professional with over 20 years’ experience working with civic, public and private organizations seeking sustainable solutions for social and environmental challenges. While past job titles include M&E, I work with a range of other interrelated processes in organizations and their programs. A good part of my work is supporting information generation, management and use to help organizations critically examine, understand and pursue goals. This includes working closely with organizations in capacity assessment and strategy development.

My work as taken me to over 30 countries, engaging with a range of stakeholders, from CEOs to refugees. Job and assignments include different thematic areas at both the headquarters and field level, notably climate change, community health and resilience, sustainable agriculture and livelihoods, disaster recovery and risk management, and social inclusion and migration.

My academic training is in geography (UCLA), with a focus on human and natural resource management. In particular, I am influenced by the sub-disciplines of cultural and political ecology. The former examines human adaptations to social and physical environments, and the later examines political, economic and social factors that shape how we shape the environment.  The tenants of both disciplines have instilled an appreciation of systems and complexity thinking to inform realistic solutions for sustainable impact.

I participate in a variety of professional networks and associations for M&E, development and humanitarian work, and have authored articles and books on urban and sustainable agriculture, civil society and evaluation, M&E training and capacity development.  View my profile on LinkedIn to learn more about me.





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