Logical Bridge Game for M&E Training

Apr 1, 2016

Logical Bridge Pic

In our book on M&E training, we present a variety of active learning techniques to engage people in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) training. The “Logical Bridge” activity is one of the earliest I used, and a good example of how M&E learning can be made fun not only for training, but also as an icebreaker or team-building activity for other purposes, such as program and strategy development. Continue Reading

Why A Book On M&E Training?

Mar 1, 2016

Book Cover

When people learn that I co-authored a book with Brad Cousins on monitoring and valuation (M&E) training, I am typically asked two related and understandable questions: What’s it about and why did we write it? Thus, that is the topic of my first blog. Continue Reading